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Product Usage

How do i use?

Upang has been developing and manufacturing a UV-C sanitizer over the last 10 years. Sanitization is something you can not check the results with your eyes. Knowing that makes us focus on the quality more. Foremost priority has always been placed on the health of your family and children. We will strive to offer products to our customers that can be trusted with trustworthy technology.

What items can be sanitized*?

You can sanitize* almost everything with Upang - baby bottles, toys, teethers, plates, toothbrush, remote controls, cellphones and more. We do not recommend sanitizing* latex or natural rubber with Upang. Upang should not be used to sanitize* food and/or liquids.

How does UV kill bacteria?

UV can kill bacteria by breaking apart molecular bonds within micro-organismal DNA and destroying them. With their DNA broken, they can't function or reproduce and the organism dies. UV is widely used in medical and pharmaceutical fields as a trusted disinfectant.

What are the functions of the three buttons?

  • Auto (40 mins): Low-temperature drying and UV sanitizing*

  • UV (10 mins): When drying is not required, use this cycle to sanitize* dry objects such as remotes, cellphones, toys, etc.

  • Ventilation (10 mins): Ventilate odors unique to breast milk or powder milk

When you want intensive drying, you can turn on Turbo mode (60 mins) by pressing the Start button on the front door twice.

Both the Auto and UV button functions automatically transition to the ventilation function after completing its sanitization* cycle. Should you want to do another round of ventilation function, you can do so by pressing the ventilation button so it can run a dedicated cycle.

How do you turn on or off the voice guidance?

You can turn on and off the voice guidance by pressing the Start button on the exterior door for 5 seconds.

What is the storage mode and how do you turn it on or off?

After the cycle is complete, storage mode will begin and sanitization will be carried out for 2 minutes at 3-hour intervals. You can turn on and off the voice guidance by pressing the Start button on the exterior door for 5 seconds.

Does it stop when opened?

Once the internal door is opened or when there is a power outage, the cycle automatically stops and will restart to prevent contamination on items inside Upang.

How does it dry?

Upang uses scientific and safe drying methods. It is designed to be dried with the natural hot air circulation method created by the ventilation inlet at the button and the ventilation outlet at the top.

Product Information and Maintenance

How do I clean Upang?

Gently wipe the interior of the unit using a wet warm towel then followed by dry cloth. For more information, please check your user manual.

What is included when I purchase a unit?

1 Upang UV sanitizer, 1 stainless steel basket, 1 stainless steel shelf, LED lamps (pre-installed), 1 user manual

What are the voltage/power requirements?

Upang sold via this website and through our authorized retailers is 120V/60hz power (US electric standard).

Do you have warranty?

There is 1 year manufacturer warranty starting from the date of purchase. The warranty service covers all factory related defects and does not cover damages due to misuse or neglect. Physical damages and issues are not covered. Light bulbs and accessories are not covered under warranty. Our warranty is only for the units purchased directly from us (Upang Canada) or from our authorized retailers, Bestkids Canada, Baby Bryan and Babysense. In order to get warranty service, please email: If it is within 30 days of purchase, we can do an exchange product. If it is beyond 30 days, we can either send you the part for you to replace with instructional videos, or please ship us the item to Ontario for us to repair. Shipping costs are not covered by us.

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